Free 3d models Balinese Temple Elements

Do you interest with the beauty of Balinese building object such as "Candi" ? Here is a free model for you to download the 3d model of Balinese temple elements, like Candi Bentar, etc. I create the models using Autocad and re-edit it using Autodesk Max 2008. The polys is quite lot, but not too heavy i think. hehehehe..

There is 4 totally objects, if you like this, please tell me your email by fill the comment form below, and i will send the link for you. Yes, it's free guys.. And soon will be another free 3d models, so, don't forget to check it out in this website.. Also, please give your review here, but please not to share to publics. thanks guys.. : )

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  1. avatarJanuar

    bisa di donlot gak yang ini

  2. avatarevan

    cool stuff here... :D

  3. avatarIndra Hadi

    What an amazing work...Its unbelieveable to find such an object with high complexity modelling model. Would you send me download link please? Thanks a lot

    Admin Reply
    oke.. i have send the link to your email .. thanks for visiting

  4. avatarnut


    Admin Reply
    thanks very much bro

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