AutoCAD Architecture 2010

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 features a new Space Separatortool, allowing you to automatically divide spaces that are notbound by walls with plain AutoCAD linework.

DrawOrder for Spaces is now automatically set to Back, helping to ensure that space plans will always show the underlying walls(and linework) whenever they update.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 New Features

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 New Features add to the substantial list of new AutoCAD 2010 features.

AutoCAD® Architecture 2010 RoomSeparator | Polyline Tools

AutoCADArchitecture 2010 AEC DimensionEnhancements

A new flip text position grip for AEC Dimensions has be enadded, giving you additional control over the placement oftext.

This tool is ideal for situations when vertical dimensions arerotated greater than 90 degrees. This includes AEC dimensional support (align) for angular walls.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Enhanced WallEndCap Tools

Wall endcap editing has been improved by the expansion of howindividual wall components can be edited.

Common AutoCAD 2010commands such has Trim | Extend have been joined by Fillet and Chamfer, providing even more control in designing walls as theywill actually be constructed in the field.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 IFC Export Enhancements

When exporting designs via IFC (Industry Foundation Classes),relevant space boundary information is now attached for properenergy analysis for AutoCAD®MEP 2010 software.

Additional IFC physical quantities can now be reported, suchas:

    * IfcQuantityCount

    * IfcQuantityLength

    * IfcQuantityTime

    * IfcQuantityVolume

    * IfcQuantityWeight

Dialog boxes can be suppressed for those who prefer to importand export to IFC via the Command Line.

* Did you know that both Revit Architecture2010 and AutoCAD Architecture 2010 support IFC Export | Import of their files?

The Industry Foundation Classes [IFC] file format is an evolvingmethodology to export | import (share/exchange) the buildingcomponents and data from Building Information Modeling (BIM)models.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Import InventorFiles to Create MultiView Blocks

Autodesk Inventor®2010 part files and assemblies can be exported to AutoCAD Architecture 2010 software as MV Blocks (Multi-View). Sincethe content becomes MV Blocks, it utilizes the AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Display System, meaning that 2D and 3D views of the imported content is possible.

The expanded functionality provides many uses as professionals exchange data between both products. Consider a manufacturer exporting furniture designs from Autodesk Inventor as MV Blocksso that they can be used for furniture layouts. MV Blocks canalso be added to the Design Center for reuse.

Visit Mark Flayler's Manufacturing Solutions Blog for more information regarding Autodesk®Inventor® 2010 and his article discussing the Autodesk® 2010 Manufacturing Design Tools.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Stair | RampTools

Stairs have been improved through the inclusion of a distinct"ramp" type, which comes complete with its own display and annotation tags (Percentage Tag, Degree Tag, and Numeric Tag),giving users the ability to more accurately design and annotate their drawings.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 NavigationTools

The ribbon spans the top of the application window and replaces the menus, toolbars, and design bar. Extensive user research showed that this simplified, unified format enables users to more quickly find the tools they need.

The ribbon organizes tools into a collection of tabs, which represent workflows such as creation, annotation, and collaboration. Each tab contains a series of panels. A panel is a group of tools used to accomplish some part of the workflow.

The ribbon is organized around the way you work, enabling youto quickly find the appropriate tools to accomplish your tasks—without searching all over the user interface.

To help ensure that all Autodesk products that implement the ribbon have a common look and feel, a set of company wide guidelines was developed for the supporting icons. Theseaesthetically appealing, yet simple icons have a distinctive style that speaks directly to the specific tool or task they are present. The end result is a visual language that is unique to Autodesk.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Additional WallClean Up Enhancements

Buildingon the substantial enhancements to wall cleanups inthe previous release, AutoCAD Architecture 2010 software helps improve wall drafting productivity to intuitive tools that allowyou to draw wall layouts that better reflect actual construction.

Most of the enhancements to walls involve the ability to modify wall cleanups at a component level. Because of this,AutoCAD Architecture 2010 has improved handling of common wall conditions such as:

    * Angled walls

    * Cornered walls

    * Intersecting fire-rated walls


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