Ultimate 3D benchmark database

Wanna test how fast and strong are your PC ? benchmark are the right way to know about that. The 3DSpeedmachine is one of benchmark portal who can support all majors render engine type. Here is a part content inside the 3DSpeedmachine.

We're here to provide the 3D community with acomprehensive database of meaningful computer performance benchmarks.The database will ultimately be able to provide 3D users with soliddata on how well a specific workstation, or hardware configuration,will work with their specific software and or plugins. We rely on you,the 3D commuity, to make this possible by registering with out site andsubmitting your benchmarks. We also need help from time to timetracking down scene files for all the major software applications andrender plugins. For more info on how to submit a scene file to thedatabase, please see the contribute section.

Software supported like 3dsMax, Maya, Carrara, Lightwave, and Terrage.
Render engine supported such Scanline, Vray, and also Mental Ray,

For more information, please refer to 3DSpeedmachine website.


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