World's huge dedicated digital library in Korea

Korea announced about the first dedicated digital library in the world,US$100 million “Dibrary” aims to build an archive of blogs and websites of historical significance, in 38,014 square meter building are626 computers, 380,000 digitalised books, a digital study room for 252users, ten million pieces of local academic information, 34 millionitems of data on local government policy, and 72 million resources frommore 700 libraries.

Here is a quote (

"Inthe 38,014 square meter building are 626 computers, 380,000 digitalisedbooks, a digital study room for 252 users, ten million pieces of localacademic information, 34 million items of data on local governmentpolicy, and 72 million resources from more 700 libraries.

“Thereare digital libraries around the world which provide online data andinformation. However, this library is the first with an actual physicalspace set apart so that users can come and use all kinds of digitalequipment to search for data,” says Mo Chul-min, Director, NationalDigital Library."

Wow, this is very funtastic. The library is attempting to attract non-Korean users with a“multi-culture zone” containing 24 computers with operating systems that major foreign languages supported.

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