Graphisoft EcoDesigner Starts to Ship Today

In Budapest, June 5, 2009, Graphisoft, announced that Graphisoft EcoDesigner, a buildingenergy evaluation tool for ArchiCAD 12 starts to ship today. GraphisoftEcoDesigner is an integrated evaluation tool forarchitects. They enables architects to control the energy consumption of their buildings and sets new standards in sustainable design. Architects will have easyaccess to much needed energy information concerning their project inthe early design phase, as opposed to relying on outside professionalsto analyze the buildings when the design is well advanced and decisionsare irreversible.

For 25 years, Graphisoft has been empowering the broadest community of architects to deliver model based projects that are better designed, more predictable to construct and less expensive to operate.Further media requests for information can be made to Akos Pfemeter at :

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