Bagus Villa, Bali

Upload : 2009-03-08
Software : Software : autocad, 3dsmax, and mental ray

A villa designed by Bagus Design consultant. I make the model using autocad 2006, and then setting up materials and rendering in 3dsmax. Render engine still using mentalray, my favorite render engine of course. All the environment here is pure 3d object, includes the grass, to reach the photorealistic image. So, that's why the total polys is about 2 millions. Pretty hard enough to push my computer.. hahaha..
Thanks for IDV Forum, because this image has choosen to be the IDV's Frontart. You can find it here. This will be the support for me to be more learn and learn in the next time.
Have any question or idea ? just leave me a message bellow. thank you.

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