BSD City Residance - Tangerang Indonesia

Upload : 2010-06-16
Software : Software : Autocad, 3dsmax 2010 x64, and Mental Ray

Modelling using autocad. Render with 3dsMax and mental ray as primary render engine.

All in this scene are models, including the trees and grass.
Totally almost 13 million polys.

Finished May 2010.

Special thanks to IDVN for selecting this 3drender as Front Art.
Really thanks IDVN , Indonesian Design Visualization Networks.

Final touch in Photoshop CS5.

Scene settings:
Lighting exterior:
mrSky -> multiplier=1, horizon height= -1.0, Red/BlueTint=0, Saturation=0.8

Lighting interior:
pake photometric light+IES with "Mental_Ray_Shadow" type

Exposure Control:
Logaritmic, brightness=80, contrast=90, tipe: Exterior daylight

Backrground : using mrSky, no Sun, the ambient is pure from mrSky, FG, GI and mrAmbientOcclusion

Sampling Quality:
Minimum=1, Maximum=16
Filter type: Lancoz, with=4, height=4

Final Gather:
initial FG = 1.25
Rays per FG = 350

Global illumination (GI):
Maximum num.photons per Sample=500
Average GI Photons per Light=1000000 (1 milion)

Render Elements:
mr A&D Raw Ambient Occlusion with multiplier = 1

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